Susieben Shah is a modern-day visionary. As a compassionate social worker, social entreprenuer, lawyer and author of books on urbanization and women empowerment, she has dedicated herself to the progress and welfare of society. Through her social and political work, Susieben focuses on both empowering and supporting women and children, as well as individuals belonging to the economically lower strata of society. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Susieben is a diligent homemaker, as well as a perceptive entrepreneur, politician and social activist. A major in economics from Sophia College, she later studied law at the Government Law College, Mumbai, and practised as an advocate at the High Court of Mumbai. Some key achievements so far:
  • As Chairperson of Maharashtra State Commission for Women, undertook many initiatives for Safety, Empowerment and Dignity of Women.
  • Created India’s 1st Women owned and driven Taxi Service “Priyadarshini Taxi Service”, which has won many international and national accolades.
  • Runs Government of India approved and supported Family Counseling Centre at  Gowalia Tank providing free legal counseling and aid & police support / intervention where required.
  • Promoting health and sports through Priyadarshini Park & Sports Complex Community Centre as its General Secretary.
  • Founded Akhil Bhartiya Gharelu Kamgar Union for upliftment and empowerment of  domestic workers and workers in the unorganized sector.


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