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For far too long, we have swept the hard facts and statistics regarding Crimes Against Women. The shocking statistics need to be highlighted to shock us into being the change we wish to see in the world. #IgnoreNoMore is an initiative by Susieben Shah that seeks to spread the message that each of us can begin the fight against gender violence if we simple decide to stop being silent witnesses.

Susieben’s campaign will encourage people to take a pledge to speak up, be heard and not allow environments in which crimes against women occur to flourish. According to NCRB data, in most crimes against women, the perpetrator is a close relative or acquaintance of the victim. This is why it is important for each of us, at home, at our workplaces and in our society to be the first line of defence against such crimes.

Simultaneously, Susieben is also working to organise self defence workshops for women in partnership with the Mumbai Police and in conducting workshops for Police Personnel in dealing with the reporting and investigation of such crimes. These initiative takes a holistic approach at the issue and tackles problems faced at various levels – our homes, for our self defence and in making sure that should any untoward incident occur, the police is sensitive to the issue and tackles it with utmost importance.

To take the pledge and support the #IgnoreNoMore initiative, visit her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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