Domestic workers demand holidays, insurance

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An organisation of domestic workers has raised the demand for holidays offs, medical benefits, festival bonuses and scholarships for their children.

The demands were drafted at a convention of the Akhil Bharatiya Gharelu Kamgar Union (ABGKU) held last week. It appears that the Congress Party-sponsored organisation is raising the issue with an eye on the impending state assemblty elections.

Shobha Oza, president, Mahila Congress, who participated in the deliberations said, “Those employed in houses need these schemes. While organised workers have such facilities like regular holidays and insurance, those employed in the unorganised sectors like domestic workers have nothing to safeguard their interests.”

They say they should get a holiday at least once in a fortnight, the bonus on Diwali and Eid, special facilities for single women who are sole breadwinners insurance, medical benefits specially for the elderly workers.

Susieben Shah, president of ABGKU, said the Sanmandhan scheme, which gives women between 55 and 60 a sum of Rs10,000 towards medical expenses, had been provided to about one hundred women this year.

“This should be extended to more women who are still employed and given every year. This is very valuable assistance in times when the prices of daily necessities like milk and onions are soaring,” Shah said.

She also announced plans to help women to set up stalls to sell snacks like vada pav and poha as a means of self-employment.

Both Oza and Shah talked about working towards re-electing the Congress Party in the state elections. They also appealed to women to join the movement to walk the path of development.

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teenbandarDomestic workers demand holidays, insurance